Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Carpet Cleaning

If you are a resident of Singapore and want to know about the most popular and effective carpet cleaning method available in Singapore, then you are in the right place. Here we will guide you about the most common and beneficial carpet cleaning procedure used by the people of Singapore to make their carpets dirt, dust, and germ-free, along with retaining its beauty and life for long years to come.

Best and Most Preferred Carpet Cleaning Method in Singapore

Carpets are a vital part of every home and office in Singapore as they not only beautify the area but also protect the floor from damage caused by dust, dirt, and grease. But carpets absorb tons of dirt, dust, bacteria, virus, and other harmful allergens while doing this. Hence, if kept neglected this accumulated dirt and allergens can affect your health and you can become a victim of dust mite allergies.

But due to ignorance, most of people often tend to avoid regular carpet cleaning as they consider vacuuming to be sufficient to remove all the carpet dust and dirt. Well, this is not at all true as vacuuming can get only the dirt from the upper layers of the carpet, and thus the accumulated dirt in the lower layer remains unaffected. 

Carpet steam cleaning
Carpet steam cleaning

Hence, the most recommended and preferred carpet cleaning method by carpet manufacturing companies in Singapore is the hot water extraction carpet cleaning, also known as the steam carpet cleaning due to its great effectiveness. This unique hot water extraction vs steam carpet cleaning method has become the most preferred one by the people here as it removes all dust and germs, takes away odors, and brings back the earlier color and softness.

Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Carpet Cleaning Procedure

Hot water extraction vs steam carpet cleaning is considered to be the best and deepest carpet cleaning method for home and offices in Singapore as it cleans carpets from deep within with the help of hot water making them completely anti-allergic. Though this effective method is referred to as steam cleaning, it doesn’t use the direct steam to clean carpets as real steam can spoil and contract the carpet fibers.

Rather hot water with a temperature range of 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit, along with the bio-degradable dilute cleansing solution is sprayed on the carpets using high pressure. The water circulated through the carpet fibers with high pressure loosens plenty of dirt and dust accumulated in between the carpet fibers.

This eliminated harmful dirt along with bacteria and allergens are then vacuumed and stored into the cleaner machine leaving behind a germ-free and anti-allergic environment for you, your family, and office staff.

Hot water steam extractor for carpet
Hot water steam extractor for carpet

Benefits or Advantages of Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Carpet Cleaning

The people of Singapore widely use the hot water extraction method as it has proved to be extremely advantageous for them. Here are some of its outstanding benefits:

· It’s major benefit is that it is highly economical for the users as only hot water and cleansing solutions are used in this process. 

· Apart from that, in this process, no chemical residues are left behind, unlike other chemical cleaning methods that absorb dirt and dust very easily making the carpet unclean again. 

· As no harmful chemical agents are used in this method, it is highly advantageous for persons prone to chemical exposure and for homes with crawling toddlers. 

· With this method there is hardly any risk of inhaling exposed volatile chemical compounds. 

· This effective method doesn’t wet the carpet backing; the moisture present after cleaning evaporates quickly. 

Carpet cleaning in Singapore
Carpet cleaning in Singapore

· Moreover, the hot water used in this steam cleaning kills dust mites, microbes and all other harmful allergens, thus making your carpets fully anti-allergic.

· Equipments Used in Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Carpet Cleaning

Hiring professional carpet cleaning companies and services is often advised if you want to carry out a hot water extraction method in your home or office. These professionals are generally well aware of the right temperature suitable for a particular type of fabric and thus ascertain that no harm should cause the delicate carpet fibers.

Usually, truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment or portable or mobile units that can be put into an electrical outlet are used by the cleaning professionals in Singapore. Truck-mounted equipment is most suitable for areas that are near the roads as hoses from the trucks can be easily lead to the rooms in the top floors through windows instead of open doors that can cause the warm air to escape.

But, if truck-mounted equipment causes noise or air pollution, portable cleaning units are ideally recommended by professionals.

Hopefully, after going through this article you have got a clear idea about the best carpet cleaning method in Singapore. Hot water extraction vs steam cleaning being the ultimate solution of all your carpet cleaning needs, will provide you a sterile home and office environment without affecting the beauty and health of your carpets. Looking for part-time maid, carpet cleaning, moving-out cleaning, or spring cleaning services to remove mold? Contact us today!

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