Why Hire Our Part Time Maid Service?

You are probably new in Singapore or you have decided to change your current part time maid. Finding a new part time maid may feel like a very difficult and overwhelming task since there are many firms and agencies out there who claim to offer good part time maid services. Some of them may be offering high quality services but most of them are probably lying and their services are not up to your standards. At absolutecleaning we offer those part time maid services that you yearn for and this is why you should choose us:


It is always good to spend within your limits and we help ensure that you do so. It is very true that you get what you pay for. This however does not mean that when the rates are affordable you will receive poor quality service. We charge our clients very friendly rates and prices since we understand that they may be on a tight budget and they need the money for other uses. Our rates are very affordable and at the same time we offer the high quality services.


The services that our firm offers are very flexible and can be customized to suit your needs. We know that different people have different lifestyles and therefore we cannot make your schedule for you. We provide our services according to the customer’s request. We will provide the services when you need them. A schedule that favors your daily schedule can be prepared so that we can provide the services when you find it convenient. If you want the maid to come when you are at home or when you are away it can be arranged to suit what you want.

Reliable and Honest.

Cases of where part time maids have gone to work and stolen everything are very common in Singapore. In instances such as this, the maids have not been vetted by the agencies that employed them and getting your items back may prove to be very difficult. Our maids have been vetted and can be trusted. You can give them access to your home when you are away and they will not steal anything.

Good Services.

Our maids offer the very best services. They have undergone some vigorous training which makes them very effective in their jobs. They will clean your home and perform their duties so well that you may think it is not your home. Everything will be cleaned according to your specifications and you will not be sorry for hiring us at all. Every penny spent in hiring us will be worth the results that you will get.

Time Conscious.

Time is a very important thing to consider. Our maids have been trained to perform the duties as quickly and in a good way. They will not waste any time before they get to work. They will perform all the household duties that you have assigned them within the given time span.Every effort is made to provide you with timely and good services.

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