How To Do Office Spring Cleaning?

Spring is a season which is eagerly looked forward to. It marks the end of the cruel winter months and brings with it lot of fresh air, flowers and a hope for looking at life with renewed vigor and strength. It is also the best time to clean your office. The winter months are notorious for being damp and there could also be plenty of snow and ice. When the snow melts during the first signs of stream it could lead to accumulation of water and other debris inside various places and corners of the office. Hence spring cleaning is something that is quite common among almost all big and small offices. However, it is important to have a game plan when it comes to cleaning the office during the spring season. Let us have a look at it over the next few lines. 

Be Prepared For A Tough Task

Cleaning office in a complete and holistic manner is no easy job and it is indeed quite tough and demanding. It could even take a few days though ideally it should be tried and completed in two or three days at the most. Here are a few important steps which if followed could make the entire job of cleaning the office that much simpler and manageable:

Do not bite more than what you can chew. Cleaning a big office can never be completed in a single day. Hence it would be smart to assign a specific task or set of tasks for each day. You should draw a schedule which will make it easier to keep track of the progress and take corrective and preventive action wherever necessary. 

Rome was not built in a day. Hence you should try and complete one task at a time or within a given time period. This will certainly make a big difference. It is always advisable to finish one task thoroughly and then move forward to the next job. 
The importance of using the right tools and accessories is something that should always be kept in mind. This would call for managing supplies and ensuring that they are well organized and do not become an impediment once the job of cleaning up is taken up. 

While there is nothing wrong in cleaning up the office all by yourselves, you need to have some helping hand. This is because cleaning an office involves various dimensions and many things have to be done in one go. There could be many loose ends that need to be tied up simultaneously and therefore having some helping hand is always advisable and preferable. 
It is important to have a separate storage space for keeping things that are required for office cleaning. Whether it is brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, cleaning detergents or other such things there is a need to be careful about the storage space and ensure that things are available for the next day’s work without too much of a bother and trouble. 

Taking Necessary Precautions Is Important

Cleaning of office involves dirtying the hand and other parts of the body. Hence it is important to preventive action and being well clothed and well protected. It is mandatory to use rubber gloves so that the hands stay protected from cleaning chemicals and other such compositions. When working in the bathroom and toilet it would be advisable to wear a boot so that the legs are protected. It is also vital that a good face mask is used when cleaning the premises using strong chemicals. Eyes should also stay well protected and when cleaning the ceiling, fan and other such places, wearing sunglasses would not be a bad idea. At the end of the day it is all about following the well accepted practice of health, hygiene and protection. 

Do Not Hesitate To Throw Away Things You Don’t Want

One of the main reasons for delay in cleaning offices is because of the clutter and junk that many of us accumulate over the year. Hence if you are keen on making a new beginning this spring, you should understand the importance of de-cluttering your office. You should not hesitate to dispose away things which otherwise you may have accumulated in the normal course. You could sit with your staff and make a checklist of the things that needs to be done as far as effective de-cluttering is concerned. You should try and draw an inventory of things that are not essential and set it aside. Taking help from your staff could dispose those unwanted junk material. If there are some agreements and other pieces of documents which no longer are needed, you could use a shredder to destroy them. In fine, your objective should be to keep the office clutter free which will help you to also free up lot of precious space. 

Look For Avenues To Donate

When an office is being cleaned you could come out with things that could be donated. You could be going in for a new computer, fax machine, refrigerator or air conditioner. Instead of selling these stuff and making pennies out of it, you would be doing a great service if the same could be donated to some individual or organizations which could make better use of it. At the end of the day even a small business has a corporate social responsibility which they should never forget. 

Open The Window And Let Fresh Air Come In

It is quite obvious that the winter months would see windows being tightly shut to prevent cold air from coming in. Spring is the right season to open the windows and enjoy the sunlight and fresh whiff of air that would come through it. This in itself is a big disinfectant and would kill many bacteria and microorganisms. Talking about microorganisms it is important to look for termites and other such pests in the attic, air conditioning ducts and other places. Cleaning the air conditioning ducts is very important because winter could be the season where many of these pests thrive and grow here.

In fine, the whole process of spring cleaning should be taken up in right earnest and it should be an occasion to enjoy and start the summer with renewed vigor and with new dreams and goals.

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