How To Remove Blood Stain On Mattress? (Updated 2023)

It is possible to wake up in the morning just to discover you are having your monthly menstrual period during your sleep and this can cause blood stains on your mattress. While it is a good idea to remove such blood stains while they are still fresh or wet, is not always an easy possibility. Getting rid of dried bloodstains, especially from a mattress may need more effort and time.

Here are some ways how to remove blood stains on a mattress.

Blot Before Removing the Blood Stain

Before mattress stain removal, consider blotting the stained area of your mattress with a clean cloth that is dampened with cold water. Avoid using warm water since it can set the bloodstains for good. Again, blot the area, but this time around consider using a clean dry cloth for easier absorption of moisture caused by the dampened cloth.

remove blood on mattress
Remove blood on the mattress

Additionally, avoid rubbing the stained area since it might make the stain sink or spread more widely into the mattress. Repeat the entire process of blotting until the stain disappears completely. There are quite a number of ways you can choose to completely remove blood stains from your mattress. However, it is advised to consider using the gentlest method like the Cold Saltwater method of removing bloodstains.

Cold Saltwater Mattress Cleaning Method

This method is effective when removing fresh blood stains on your mattress. Take one cup of cold water; put two teaspoons of salt to make a solution. Pour this solution into a clean spray bottle and then spray the solution into the stained areas on your mattress. If you can’t access a spray bottle, you can use a clean cloth and wet it with this solution and then it all over the affected area.

If the bloodstain on your mattress is a large one, start blotting from the outside towards the center; this will contain the bloodstain and also prevent it from spreading. Blot the wet spot with a clean, dry cloth when absorbing the solution. Repeat the blotting and spraying until the stain is removed. You can also use a clean piece of cloth damped with cold water to completely rinse the remaining saltwater solution and use a cloth or towel to dry the spot.

Hydrogen Peroxide Method

This method is effective on fresh blood stains and hydrogen peroxide is believed to work perfectly on such stains. It is important to know, however, that this chemical contains bleaching properties that can weaken the fabric, so you should use it as the last resort.

With this method, moisten the affected spot with approximately 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and allow it to sit for around 30 seconds before blotting the solution with a clean, dry piece of cloth. Just as with any other method of removing blood stains on a mattress, repeat the blotting and applying process till the area is stain-free.

Water and Detergent Cleaning Method

Besides the cold-water method of removing blood stains, this is yet another ideal method that can effectively remove stains from your mattress. In this case, pour two cups of cold water into a bowl and mix it with one teaspoon of liquid dish-washing detergent to prepare a detergent solution.

Soak a clean cloth with that solution and apply it to the blood-stained areas. Then, brush the affected areas gently with a toothbrush. Avoid scrubbing too hard since this can cause the stain to go deeper into or spread across your mattress. With a clean and wet piece of cloth, blot the affected area to rinse the solution. If needed, repeat the entire process until the stain is completely removed.

Water and Ammonia Method

Water and Ammonia cleaning method
Water and Ammonia cleaning method

This method is effective, but not good if you are using a woolen mattress. This is because despite being a good method of removing bloodstains in a mattress, ammonia can weaken the fibers of your woolen mattress. With a half cup of cold water, mix one tablespoon of ammonia to make a solution.

Put in a clean spray bottle and spray the solution on the stained area. Wait for around five minutes before blotting the area with a clean piece of cloth. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing since your main objective through this method is to lift the bloodstain and not actually rub it into the mattress’ fabric. Repeat the blotting and spraying process until the stain is completely removed.

Conclusively, apart from the above-discussed methods, there are various methods of removing blood stains on your mattress and with proper use of any of these methods, removing such stains from your mattress couldn’t be a challenging task to deal with anymore.

An Easy Guide to Removing Blood Stains From Your Mattress

Stains are always a frustrating thing to deal with. However, you can always overlook them by covering them with sheets, especially if these are only minimal stains. Besides, it isn’t as if stains are uncommon – knowing how to get rid of them will always come in handy as they’re an inherent part of life.

While this is so, blood stains are a different matter. Unlike other stains, this one is tough to remove, given that blood is packed with many proteins. The best and immediate course of action that you should take when dealing with blood stains is to remove excess blood first as much as you can, then clean the area thoroughly. It’s also essential to let the mattress dry thoroughly afterward; otherwise, a wet mattress can become moldy in a short amount of time.

This isn’t all that there is to it. There are different steps to take in the case of period bloodstains, or dried blood. There’s also the concern of the kind of mattress that has been stained on since different mattress types consequently require respective cleaning treatments. Types of mattress materials often range from AirFoam, hybrid, memory foam, latex, and more, so it’s best that you first consider the type of mattress that you have before removing the stain.

For these reasons, we will provide an easy guide to removing blood stain from your mattress. These include different situations that you most probably encounter the most often and the ways you can easily go about removing the stains.

Remove Old Blood Stains From A Mattress Using Baking Soda

Using baking soda to remove blood stains is considered among the gentler approaches to such a situation. So, before you try doing the rougher methods, you should start with this one first.

For this, you will need at least 2 parts cold water and one part baking soda, along with clean paper towels and rags. Prepare first by removing all the bedclothes and sheets. Afterward, mix the baking soda and water in a bowl, which you will then dab lightly on the stain.

Remember to dab the baking solution instead of rubbing it since that will only spread the stain further. For approximately half an hour, just let it sit and then dab the stain again by using a damp cloth. After this, take the opportunity to vacuum the excess stain residue – from the bed base, under the bed, and the entire mattress. Let the excess water fully dry before you start dressing the bed.

How To Get Dried Blood Out Of A Mattress

Remove blood stain from mattress

When it comes to removing dried blood, a more robust approach is required. Blood that has set in in your mattress can be particularly hard to remove. However, this method allows you to remove a particularly stubborn stain by following these simple steps.

This is called the corn starch, salt, and hydrogen peroxide method. You will need half a cup of cornstarch and hydrogen peroxide, a tablespoon of salt, paper towels, and a soft brush.

Like any other method, remove first the bedclothes and the sheets. After this, you have to create a paste by combining the cornstarch, salt, and hydrogen peroxide, which you will have to let sit for about 30 minutes. Using your brush, apply the mixture to the stain through gentle strokes. Don’t apply too much force. Then, use the damp cloth to blot the mixture gently so that you can remove all the excess fluid as much as possible. Let the water on the mattress air-dry afterward.

How To Remove Blood On A Mattress Protector

Bloodstains on a mattress protector will have to undergo three stages of removal for it to be thoroughly cleaned. It has to be treated first with an immediate clean-up, then the stain will have to be treated, and the mattress protector should be washed in the washing machine.

Quick action is vital for removing bloodstains. The longer you ignore it, the harder it will be for you to put out the stain. When it comes to mattress protectors, the first step you will have to follow is getting rid of the excess blood. This is easily noticeable since fresh blood tends to be good a bid, so you have to dab at the stain to remove as much of it as you can. Absorbent materials like paper towels or tissue paper are the best materials to use here.

After this, saturate the stain with cold water and lightly dab as long as you see the cloth come away with blood. Repeat as many times as necessary. When you see that the stain is mainly removed, apply a cleaning paste-like baking soda on the stain. Let it sit from half an hour to an hour. Then, dab the area using a dry towel.

Cleaning blood on mattress protector
Cleaning blood on the mattress protector

Lastly, you will have to wash your mattress protector thoroughly. Since most mattress protectors tend to respond poorly to harsh chemicals and are heat sensitive, they undergo different washing treatments than other beddings. The easiest way to go about it is to choose a mild yet effective detergent and soak it in cold water to remove the bloodstain altogether. You can air dry it or either put it into a tumble dryer.

How To Remove Period Blood From A Mattress

Bleeding on your sheets through the mattress is one of the accidents that can, unfortunately, be hard to avoid sometimes. Even so, it’s best not to fret but to spring up to action immediately, removing the signs as immediately as possible. This is because the key to eliminating period blood stains is to treat the stain as soon as you notice it so that you’ll have a higher chance of removing it completely.

With enough effort and some help from your available homemade materials, you’ll get rid of the stain in no time. There are plenty of ways to clean the stain by using some items in your pantry; however, there are only a few of them.

  • MEAT TENDERIZER. Despite being a great tool for cooking your steaks, it also serves as a great way to remove blood stains. To do this, simply mix meat tenderizer and water to form a paste, then rub it on the stain in your mattress. Let this sit for an hour. Afterward, remove the stain using a cloth that is soaked in cold water.
  • HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Simply apply this onto the stain, and then watch it bubble. After which, you have to dab at the stain with a dampened cloth. If this does not work the first time, repeat until it’s thoroughly removed.
  • BAKING SODA AND COLD WATER. Apply this solution to the stain, and let it remain for about half an hour. Remove with a wet cloth afterward.


There are a lot of methods that you can follow to remove blood stains from mattresses effectively. From the available choices above, you’ll surely find one that will be particularly useful for your kind of mattress. However, you must take great caution regarding this because the wrong approach will only worsen the stain.

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Infographic - How to Remove Stains On Mattress
Infographic – How to Remove Stains On Mattress
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