Should Ironing Be Included In Part time Maid Services?

The trend of hiring part time maids has recently become popular in Singapore. Many people love these services simply because it saves them a lot of time while others find it to be affordable and more efficient. However, there lots of questions that are usually raised when it comes to hiring part time maids and the activities that they are expected to take part in. One of the activities that many people are inquisitive about is whether part time maids should take part in Ironing. 

If you have also been sky-locking and hiring for part time services, you may have realized that some companies offer it while others do not. In this cover write-up, we will cover some of the roles of a part time maid and discuss why Ironing should be included.
Roles of a part time maid

House Cleaning

Perhaps the most common house chore expected of a part time maid is house cleaning. Cleaning the house includes cleaning of the floor, walls, windows, shelves, bathroom, ceiling among other parts of the house. Many people prefer hiring part time maids to handle this task simply because they are more effective as compared to a full time maid. There are plenty of cleaning companies you will come across who have dedicated part time maids. However you should be keen to ensure that you find the right ones who have what it takes to do the job. 

Office cleaning

Just like with house cleaning, a part time maid is responsible for handling office cleaning chores which may include cleaning the seats, floors, lockers, desks, shelves and window panes. Most office cleaning tasks don’t require a lot of time making it appropriate to hire a part time maid. A good cleaner should also ensure that everything else is tidy and the office is well organized. 


Cooking is optional with many people since many people find it to be fun doing it on their own while others prefer eating ready made food. However, if you want the cooking task handled by the part time maid, you ought to ensure that they are experts in doing it. 

Baby sitting

Many people are also utilizing part time maids to take care of their kids when they are busy doing something else or when they are away. Many Singapore based cleaning companies also offer this service to their clients. Baby sitting is however not as easy as it seems and requires a charming maid who knows how to handle the child when the parent is away. The maid should also know when to feed the baby, sooth and entertain the kid. On that score, you should make sure that the part time maid you are getting will have an easy time with the toddler when you are away. 


Washing and doing the laundries is also a common service offered by many cleaning companies in Singapore. A part time maid should have experience in using laundry machines and other equipment used in the laundry service. It is therefore advisable that one get a part time maid from a cleaning company other than getting an independent main whose experience isn’t known. 

Should Ironing be part if the part time maid roles?

A part time maid is meant to help perform all the house chores that the client needs outsourced. The above tasks are just some of the common ones that many people are used to. Ironing is a crucial task that many people are finding to be time consuming and as such should also be included in the part time maid’s role. Although Ironing is not an inclusion to all Singapore cleaning companies, it is advisable that you find one that offers it. A lion’s share of the companies offering ironing have excellent staffs who do this but it is also worthy screening and knowing who are the best. 

Different Singapore based cleaning companies have different schedules of delivering their services. However activities like Ironing should not be a subject of debate as it is evidently time consuming to many people and one that can be easily outsourced. If you are looking for a quality service there are a few things that you need to ensure are in place. Below are some of the concrete factors to look at when you are looking for a part time maid from a company;

Company legitimacy and experience

There are many cleaning companies that are bulging out in Singapore, but their work performance are yet to be proved. To be on the safe side and ensure that you get satisfactory services, you need to ensure that the company you are using have been in the industry for some time.


Finding a company that is reliable and dedicated in providing quality services is the first step to get the job done. Some things like cooking demands more than basic knowledge. As much as you wouldn’t like things messed around, you need to work with a company with a proven track record. This ensure that everything is done perfectly within the set schedule. 

Portfolio and company reviews

The best way to know how a cleaning company is fit for the job is by checking out their previous work. One can easily judge a company’s credibility by the testimonials and the client reviews. 

Cost effectiveness

Sometimes affordability is not the only thing to look at when you are shopping around for the best service. Some companies tend to have a low price tag on their services but the quality of their services raise questions. It is therefore important to look at things in both dimensions when you are looking for a part time maid. 

Final word

Part time maids are meant to handle all house chores that eases the load on the client. Ironing is an inclusive in these roles and should be considered as such. To ensure that one does not miss out in tasks such as ironing when hiring a part time maid, it is highly recommended that one deal with companies that have been in the industry for long. Alternatively, one can also ask if the company offers such services in their part time schedule before hiring.

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