The Ultimate Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Checklist in (2023)

The Ultimate Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Checklist in 2023

The Ultimate Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Checklist in 2023. It’s a new year for everyone; most people are excited, hopeful, and grateful but, at the same time, uncertain about what the new year will bring. Before celebrating the Chinese New Year, maintaining cleanliness in your house, is essential, leaving a deep cleaning.

By decluttering and cleaning your home, you’re welcoming the new year full of positivity, good luck, charm, peace, and prosperity. It’s nice and beautiful to see also for your visitors when they will come and visit your house. This article is about the ultimate Chinese New Year spring cleaning checklist in 2023.

Availability of Your Cleaning Supplies

The Ultimate Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Checklist in 2023
cleaning supplies

Before you can start cleaning your house, please check first if the cleaning equipment and supplies are available for you to use. You need to ensure you’re stored with those cleaning materials, and once Everything you need is open, you are ready to clean. Standard supplies that are required are:

  • Baking soda
  • Soap
  • White vinegar

These are essentials to be used as natural cleaners for those uncleaned spots inside the house. Reusable spray bottles and plant-based sponges make most deep-cleaning jobs faster and easier. You must also stock up on your favorite all-purpose cleanser and mild dishwashing detergent.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning checklist

Deep cleaning can be done on your own if you have sufficient time to do all these cleanings, as this will last for a couple of days or more, depending on the area or the dirt in your house.

You can also ask for assistance from any family member who is also residing in your home, or if all of you are busy, then the best option is to hire someone from cleaning service providers in Singapore. The spring cleaning checklist is a list written by you on paper, which can be encoded or electronically typed using gadgets like mobile phones.

This checklist is a big help for you to know what cleaning equipment and supplies are needed and identify those areas that need cleaning. Once this checklist is done, you can schedule your deep cleaning for you to start cleaning the house.

1. Start Cleaning Your Bed

Your bed is one of your favorite spaces in your house, and this place must maintain its cleanliness to make it more comfortable and relaxing. Your bedroom can accumulate tons of bacteria, dandruff, body oils, and sweat, especially when you regularly fail to clean this area.

Recycle those old and used bed sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and mattresses with new and fresh ones to feel more relaxed and comfy. You can wash these used items with natural detergent because unnatural fragrances might cause discomfort and itchy skin while asleep.

When it comes to your mattress, you can spray or pour baking soda on its surface. It can absorb body oils, eliminate food stains, and is an anti-fungal solution.

2. Furniture and Fixture Must Be Cleaned

The Ultimate Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Checklist in 2023
Kitchen cabinet cleaning

During a regular deep cleaning, there’s a need to clean those areas underneath, below the table, chairs, cabinets, and behind some fixtures and furniture. You only clean those visible spaces like the floors in your house, but you need to clean those dark and underneath holes.

Celebrating Chinese New Year compels you to strip every area of bad luck; it is the best time to address those invisible spaces of your house to remove hidden dirt and dust. Move those pieces of furniture to easily access those hard-to-reach areas, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove cobwebs and dust thoroughly.

3. Clean Inside Appliances

Most appliances at home are left unclean, especially if you are busy with your work. Typical devices left dirty are television, computers, refrigerators, rice cookers, electric fans or aircon, and even wifi modems. If you are not cleaning them regularly, these appliances will immediately depreciate their value, shorten their usage, or not last long.

If you know how to take good care of these appliances at home, like putting some covers or cloth on top of it or plastic cellophane that can cover the whole thing, then it’s hard for the dust to enter, and it will serve as protection from sunlight, and penetration of water.

4. Always Make Your Garbage Bins Clean

To be free from pests, flies, cockroaches, rats, and other insects, ensure that your garbage bins are not full of waste materials. Once you see that your garbage bin is already in full, remove it immediately and throw these wastes in the proper place outside or transfer it out if there’s a garbage collector who will collect them.

Don’t wait for a foul smell or unpleasant odor to circulate inside your house. Once you throw this garbage away, you must clean the bins, like brushing inside areas using a brush and detergent soap.

5. Not Needed Items Must Be Thrown Away or Donated to Someone

The Ultimate Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Checklist in 2023
Donating unused items at home

If there are unnecessary items or things at home, like used clothes, you are no longer using; you can donate these clothes to an orphanage or to someone who needs those things the most. You can also burn those old papers and other non-important receipts. Remove those plastic and unused bottles in your kitchen and other kitchen materials that are broken or have some crack on them.

6. Arrange Everything

Seeing all your things at home that are in order and well-arranged is pleasing to anyone’s eyes. You can arrange your furniture in your living room and those books, magazines, or photo albums under the table. The living room is the most critical area that needs to be clean and in order since most visitors are commonly entertained in this place.

Kitchen utensils must be put in order according to their use or classification, like putting all spoons, forks, plates, and glasses in one place. By classifying them, it is easy for you to identify what you are looking for so that you can immediately get that particular thing.

The Ultimate Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Checklist in 2023 – Conclusion

Cleaning and disinfecting tables at home

Being at home that is neat and clean and Everything in order is the best place you will always want to spend your time. Your visitors will also feel the same way once they feel welcomed and well-treated due to the cleanliness inside your house. It’s the best time to do the cleaning now as you start the new year with the planned and manageable cleaning checklist that you have.

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