Tips For Washroom Spring Cleaning

Are you planning to carry out a thorough toilet cleaning exercise but you are not aware about the appropriate bathroom spring cleaning tips to apply? If yes, this write-up will give you great toilet spring cleaning tips and also inform you why it is important to employ professional cleaners in Singapore to help you handle the cleaning exercise. Toilet spring cleaning is the procedure of cleaning your bathroom thoroughly. 

If you opt to perform a toilet spring cleaning process soon, handling the task by following do-it-yourself cleaning alternative is not a good idea. Do-it-yourself toilet spring cleaning will probably make you experience a variety of pitfalls. For example, with DIY toilet spring cleaning, you will be required to look for the different tools and cleaning detergents to use yourself. You will also have to search for appropriate cleaning steps that you will apply during the cleaning exercise yourself. This can make the whole toilet spring cleaning procedure end up being time-consuming and hectic. 

The outcomes of DIY toilet spring cleaning will likely miss that crucial touch that professional cleaners can offer. Any injury or damage that arises during DIY toilet spring cleaning will be your responsibility. These drawbacks associated with following DIY toilet spring cleaning alternative make the need of employing a professional bathroom cleaning service provider come handy. 

However, if you believe you can deliver great toilet cleaning solutions, here are some tips you should consider following for you to produce flawless and extremely appealing toilet spring cleaning outcomes:

Cleaning Supplies you will Need

1. Microfiber Cloths

It is advisable you have two microfiber clothes i.e. one to be used during the actual cleaning and the other one for wiping things afterwards. 

2. An Effective Cleaning Solution

Consider using a mixture of vinegar and water to clean most areas of your bathroom. You can also look for essential oils that can offer a pleasant scent. 

3. Toothbrush

A toothbrush is vital for cleaning into the various little crevices. 
Toilet Spring Cleaning Tips

Step#1: Opening the Windows

If you have windows in your bathroom, open them and let air circulate inside. This will help you have some fresh air invigorating you while you are handling the bathroom cleaning exercise. 

Step#2: Washing the Items in your Bathroom

Remove any area rugs, dirty towels and curtains, wash them properly and hung them in a place where they can access direct sunlight. 

Step#3: Removing Dust from the Areas of Your Bathroom

Removing the dust will require you to use a microfiber cloth. Begin on the inside part of your bathroom and work towards the door. You should also remove any cobweb which may be hidden in the corners of your bathroom. Dust also the upper part of the windowsills and shower stall. 

Step#4: Wiping all the Surfaces

Rinse a microfiber cloth on your cleaner and carefully wipe down the surfaces, baseboards and walls. This will require you to work from the top side to the lower side and towards your bathroom’s door. Make sure you wipe everything including the light switches. 

Step#5: Cleaning

Give the base area of your toilet a proper cleaning using baking soda and a toothbrush. Ensure you also get into all the small crevices when cleaning. You should then rinse your toilet with water and then finalize the exercise by spraying vinegar and wiping. 

However, if you find these toilet spring cleaning steps difficult to follow, it is advisable you consider employing a reputable Singapore based spring cleaning service provider to help you out. 

Tips on How to Find a Trustworthy and Reliable Toilet Spring Cleaning Service Provider

Tip#1: Looking for Spring Cleaning Service Companies Online

If you have a gadget such as a phone with internet connection, you can find a number of cleaner options to choose from. Search online, “top toilet spring cleaning service providers in Singapore” and several choices will be provided.

However, make sure you liaise with sources you are sure are legit so that you can protect yourself form being misled. 

Tip#2: Information and Knowledge

Any friend or co-worker who may have previously employed a spring cleaning service firm can help you find a reliable cleaner to cooperate with. In case you find any, ask the person where the spring cleaning company he or she collaborated with is located and the amount he/she incurred as payments for the cleaning services offered by the company. 

Tip#3: Visiting the Toilet Spring Cleaning Service Providers

Visit the various spring cleaning companies you manage to find and enquire about their services. These cleaners should link you with their past customers by giving you their reference materials where their previous clients have recorded their experience with them.

Call a few of their previous customers and confirm how dependable these cleaners you intend to employ are.

Tip#4: Choosing a Licensed and Insured Spring Cleaning Service provider

Choosing a licensed cleaner to handle your toilet spring cleaning needs is important as it means you are cooperating with a cleaning service provider who is legitimate and permitted to provide cleaning services by the Singapore government.

You should also consider hiring a cleaning service firm that is insured so that you can end up being compensated in case you encounter any damages that are as a result of their mistake. 

Tip#5: Dealing with an Experienced Cleaner

An experienced toilet spring cleaning service provider will certainly provide great cleaning solutions than a newcomer in this line of business. Make sure the cleaning firm you choose is qualified, competent and very experienced.

Tip#6: Dealing with a Spring Cleaning Company Offering Affordable Cleaning Services

If you will manage to find several reputable toilet spring cleaning companies, compare their services as well as prices and finally choose the one assuring you with great and extremely appealing cleaning services that are affordable.

Bottom Line 

The toilet spring cleaning steps covered in this text will be helpful if used appropriately. However, if you will consider employing a Singapore based toilet spring cleaner, make sure you put the aforementioned tips to test so that you can secure a great company that will offer exceptional services and leave your toilet sparkly clean.

How To Clean Toilet - Infographic
How To Clean Toilet – Infographic
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