What Are Some Of The Benefits Of A Clean Home?

Cleaning is one of the major chores performed in homes. We clean our carpets, floors, windows, curtains and rooms like the kitchen mainly to keep them spotless and fresh, but there are many benefits of having a clean environment , some of which you probably have never thought of. It will do your health and that of your family good by eliminating disease-causing microorganisms. Even your mental well-being can have a significant boost. In short, there are just so many reasons to regularly and properly clean your house. Here’s a look at some of them.

1. No freeloaders 

Dirty kitchens & bathrooms are known to not only harbor dangerous germs & bacteria, and but also freeloaders like bugs and rodents. Even insect pests such as clothes moths and spiders may find a home if there’s a lot of clutter. This is obviously a serious health hazard. When you keep your home clean, you bring light to the darkness and make it much harder for the pests to hide. They will also keep away as there no potential food sources.

2. Less risk of allergies

One of the key benefits of a clean home is that exposure to allergies is significantly reduced. Allergens such as dust mite droppings, pet hair and even pollen can become trapped in carpets & upholstery, and then get released to the air due to activities like walking or agitating the carpet pile.

These can irritate the nose, eyes and throat causing among others a stuffy nose and redness. Regular sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming will rid most of the allergens but you may need to deep clean carpets & furniture to rid all of them. An allergen free home also favours people who have symptoms of asthma/ breathing difficulties as they will be able to breathe easier as there’s less dust & dander.


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3. Reduced mold 

Keeping a house clean makes it a lot easier to detect mold growth & take the necessary steps as soon as possible. Mold and mildew is known to wreck havoc on health by causing some of the following:

· Allergic reactions
· Cold & flu-like symptoms
· Severe health problems such as asthma attacks.

With regular cleaning, one is able to inspect for moisture and ensure their home has proper ventilation. These are key to controlling and preventing mold growth.

4. Lower risk of injury

Leaving cords, toys and other items loose may increase the chances of trips and falls which can sometimes resulting into serious injuries. Even large piles are dangerous as they can fall on someone and leave them injured. Thankfully, all these can be avoided by keeping your home clean, neat, tidy and well-organized. You will be able to minimize clutter while keeping things out of your way as well as that of other people living in the house. 

5. Less illness

Research shows that bacteria like Salmonella, Shigella and Campylobacter can inhabit carpets and hide themselves deep in the fabrics. These are germs that can cause food poisoning, stomach ulcers and other serious illnesses. A deep clean works wonders in eliminating bacteria from carpets but you can also consider purchasing or renting a cleaning machine from a local store and work on your carpets several times a year. Using disinfectants any time you clean the house will kill the bacteria as well as other microorganisms that could compromise your health.

6. Helps keep you fit 

Believe it or not, house cleaning does count as a physical activity and depending on one’s enthusiasm, can really improve their physical fitness. Everyone knows how physical activity is important. It helps burn calories, keep you in top shape and prevent numerous health problems. And, even small tasks like vacuuming can benefit your health & fitness. If you need some motivation, simply turn some music on and get working.

7. Stress reduction 

A clean home may also help relieve and prevent stress. Both the tasks of cleaning up & maintaining cleanliness can keep your mind off the troubles at work or elsewhere and give you peace of mind. You will also have an easier time maneuvering your way around and locating things you need. Moreover, you don’t have to worry or run up and down when guests confirm they’re on their way coming. You will always be ready to host them.

8. Aesthetically pleasing 

Nothing can be as attractive as a clean and organized house. Clean, spotless windows can be a joy as they’ll allow as much natural light in as possible while properly-mopped, finished floors will give your home a brilliant look. You could even increase the sale value of the house and find it easy to draw buyers your way , should you decide to sell it.

9. Make cleaning easier

When you maintain a clean house, you don’t need to keep deep cleaning every now and then or employ other energy-drenching cleaning methods. You could even save on costs of hiring a professional cleaner as you’ll probably only need to enlist their services once a year. In general, keeping a house clean is often easier and less laborious than cleaning it when dirty.

10. Prolong the life of some materials 

In some cases, regularly cleaning and organizing can help preserve and prolong the life of your home’s materials. Frequently vacuuming carpets, for example, will help rid debris and dirt that can damage the fibers , therefore preserving them. Your curtains will also serve you longer if they are kept clean. This can obviously help you save money as won’t need to purchase replacements periodically.

11. Safer for pets 

A clean & organized home is not only good for us human beings but also our pets. Parasites like fleas, ticks and even bugs can bite your dog and cause him to fall ill. Bacteria will also have an effect on his health. Since a clean house is free of all these, your pets will be healthy and disease-free.

Keeping your home both clean and well-organized not only ensures that it looks the very best all the time but also benefits your health and that of your family and pets. The environment will be allergen-free and insect-free, meaning less illnesses and health problems. Overall, your home will be an enjoyable place to come to and live in.

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