When Should I Start (Spring Cleaning) For The 2024 CNY?

When Should I Start Spring Cleaning For CNY? Chinese New Year is mainly about the opportunity to start your life anew. It is a time when you purify your life from all points of view. It may have to do with refreshing your wardrobe, changing your hairstyle, or renovating and cleaning your house.

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Spring cleaning home has a special significance during the Lunar New Year holidays. People have the tradition to offer deep cleaning to their houses to sweep away bad luck. But when exactly you should start spring cleaning? Read on to know the answer, as well as learn other useful tips for the Chinese New Year.

When to start CNY cleaning?

When Should I Start Spring Cleaning For CNY?

Chinese New Year involves 15 days of celebration and festive events. But the holiday is not only about those 2 weeks of partying. There is one week in advance when people prepare for the New Year. The preparations are pretty intense, so everybody is in constant haste to manage to finish all tasks on the checklist.

House spring cleaning receives special attention. It can take a couple of days and it involves a top to bottom purification of each room. The cleaning officially starts on January 27th, 2024. This gives you approximately two weeks to prepare and clean before the festivities begin..

Cleaning on the Chinese New Year’s Day

When you start your spring cleaning, you should know that tradition forbids you to clean on CNY day. You must not perform any cleaning tasks after New Year’s Eve at midnight. Else, according to popular belief, you allow good luck to escape and bring bad luck back into your house.

That is, you should finish cleaning after guests have left before the clock strikes midnight. Even if you didn’t manage to do little things, you would have to stop.

Ancestral tradition considers Chinese New Year’s day a sacred time when homeowners can’t get their hands dirty. You must only rest and celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Everything you hadn’t cleaned before midnight will get the chance to become clean on the second day of the CNY. As the first day passes by, you get permission to continue tidying up your house, if any dirty areas remain.

How to prepare the house for CNY?

When Should I Start Spring Cleaning For CNY?
Spring Cleaning For Chinese New Year 2024
Living Room– Dust and polish furniture – Clean windows and curtains/blinds – Vacuum and mop floors – Organize and declutter shelves and cabinets – Clean and decorate for CNY
Kitchen– Deep clean appliances (fridge, oven, etc.) – Scrub countertops and sink – Organize pantry and cabinets – Clean floor and walls – Check and replenish cooking essentials
Bedrooms– Wash bedding and curtains – Dust and vacuum under the bed – Organize closets and drawers – Clean mirrors and windows – Refresh decorations
Bathrooms– Scrub tiles, shower, and bathtub – Disinfect toilet and sink – Clean mirrors – Wash or replace shower curtains – Restock toiletries and towels
Dining Area– Clean dining table and chairs – Organize serving ware and cutlery – Decorate for festive meals – Clean floor and area rugs
Balcony/Outdoor– Sweep and mop the area – Clean outdoor furniture – Remove cobwebs – Tend to plants and decorations
Entrance/Foyer– Clean and organize shoe racks – Wipe down the main door – Dust entryway furniture – Set up CNY decorations like couplets and lanterns – Ensure good lighting
Storage Areas– Declutter and organize storage items – Clean shelves and storage containers – Discard or donate unused items – Ensure proper ventilation to avoid mold and dampness
Comprehensive Chines Ne Year home cleaning plan for the 2024

Additional Tips:

  • Start Early: Begin cleaning a few weeks before CNY to spread out the workload.
  • Involve Family Members: Assign tasks to different family members for efficiency and bonding.
  • Safety First: Use safe, non-toxic cleaning products and ensure good ventilation.
  • CNY Decorations: Incorporate traditional decorations like red lanterns, couplets, and oranges as part of the cleaning and preparation process.

This plan covers all major areas of a typical home and includes tasks that are both practical and symbolic, helping to create a clean, festive, and auspicious environment for celebrating the Chinese New Year.

If you don’t want to end up with dirt on the first Chinese New Year’s day, you have to work hard. You should put a value on each day of the preparation period to help each corner of your house spotlessly clean. CNY spring cleaning is a major whole-house task that requires a lot of effort and dedication. If your house is big, you especially have to rush to manage to sweep away all bad luck.

You don’t want your house to be messy on Chinese New Year’s night. It will mean that negative energy still lingers in your house, and there is little space for good luck to come in. To prepare your home for Lunar New Year, declutter your rooms by placing all useless or old stuff in the trash bag. Sort your clothes and shoes and donate those that don’t fit you anymore or are too old.

Dust and vacuum the carpets and upholstery, take your bedding to the laundry and treat your mattress with baking soda. Wipe the furniture down and also pay attention to the areas underneath and behind it. Disinfect areas with much finger traffic, and clean and sanitize the bathroom to the finest detail. Clean and polish the windows to a sparkling appearance. Moreover, wipe down the microwave, oven, and fridge from the inside.

Remove the tough stains from carpets, sofas, and curtains using professional or homemade products. Also, don’t forget about grout. It is a dirty area that many people overlook during the regular weekly clean. A CNY cleaning is a perfect occasion to make your bathroom grout as white as snow.

Cultural SignificanceSpring cleaning before CNY symbolizes the removal of the old and welcoming the new. It’s a traditional way to bid farewell to the past year and invite good fortune.
Refreshed Living EnvironmentDeep cleaning revitalizes your living space, making it more comfortable and pleasant for the festive season and the new year.
Health and Hygiene ImprovementRemoving dust, clutter, and potential allergens contributes to a healthier home environment, which is especially beneficial during festive gatherings.
Opportunity for Family BondingThe act of cleaning can be a communal family activity, fostering togetherness and teamwork as everyone prepares for the celebrations.
Stress ReductionA clean and organized home can reduce stress and create a more relaxing atmosphere for the festivities.
Enhanced Festive AtmosphereA clean and decorated home heightens the festive mood, making CNY celebrations more enjoyable and vibrant.
Positive Start to the New YearStarting the year with a clean and organized space sets a positive tone for the rest of the year, aligning with the spirit of renewal and hope that CNY embodies.
Spring cleaning for CNY in year 2024

When Should I Start Spring Cleaning For CNY? – Conclusion

You can start CNY cleaning on January 27th, 2024. This gives you approximately two weeks to prepare and clean before the festivities begin.. Tradition doesn’t allow you to clean on the first day of the Chinese New Year. That’s why you are good to clean just as much as you can. Then, do the rest of the cleaning on the second day of the holiday or later.

Get Ready for CNY 2024 with Ease!

Start your Chinese New Year preparations to ensure your home is sparkling clean and ready for the festivities. Remember, tradition suggests refraining from cleaning on the first day of the New Year. So, make the most of the two weeks leading up to the holiday to tidy up as much as you can, and plan any remaining cleaning for the second day or later.

Don’t worry if time seems tight! You have about a week to get everything in order, which is usually ample time for a thorough clean-up. However, if you’re pressed for time or want to ensure a spotless home without the stress, consider enlisting professional help.

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