When Should You Schedule Your Moving Out Cleaning?

A Comprehensive Guide to Timing and Planning Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Moving Out Cleaning
Moving out cleaning

Moving out of your home in Singapore can be a stressful experience. Amidst the chaos of packing and organizing, it’s essential to schedule your moving out cleaning to ensure a smooth transition and secure your rental deposit. This comprehensive guide will help you determine the best time to schedule your moving out cleaning and provide tips for efficient planning.

Factors to Consider When Scheduling Your Moving Out Cleaning

Before you can decide on the best time to schedule your moving out cleaning, consider the following factors:

Your Tenancy Agreement

  • Review your tenancy agreement to determine the specific cleaning requirements set by your landlord.
  • Make note of any stipulations regarding the cleaning timeline, such as deadlines or penalties for late cleaning.

Availability of Professional Cleaning Services

  • Research and contact professional cleaning services in Singapore to inquire about their availability.
  • Book your preferred cleaning service well in advance to secure your desired date and time.

Your Moving Schedule

  • Consider your moving schedule, including the date you need to vacate the property and the time it will take to pack and transport your belongings.
  • Allocate enough time for the moving out cleaning to avoid rushing and ensure a thorough job.

Optimal Timing for Moving Out Cleaning

With the above factors in mind, you can now determine the best time to schedule your moving out cleaning. The following timeline suggestions will help you plan accordingly:

Best time to schedule your moving out cleaning

Two Weeks Before Moving Out

  • Begin researching and contacting professional cleaning services.
  • Compare prices, reviews, and availability to choose the best cleaning service for your needs.
  • Book your preferred cleaning service to secure your desired date and time.

One Week Before Moving Out

  • Start packing and organizing your belongings.
  • Create a moving checklist to keep track of tasks and ensure nothing is overlooked.
  • Notify your utility providers, such as water, electricity, and gas, of your upcoming move.

2-3 Days Before Moving Out

  • Complete the majority of your packing, leaving only essential items for the final days.
  • Ensure that large furniture and appliances are ready to be moved.
  • Confirm the date and time of your moving out cleaning with the professional cleaning service.

The Day of the Moving Out Cleaning

  • Remove any remaining items from the property, including personal belongings and trash.
  • Ensure that the cleaning service has access to the property, including keys or security codes.
  • Be available to answer any questions or provide instructions to the cleaning team.

The Day After the Moving Out Cleaning

  • Conduct a final walk-through of the property to inspect the cleaning results.
  • Address any missed areas or concerns with the cleaning service if necessary.
  • Take photos of the cleaned property for documentation purposes.

Handing Over the Keys

  • Schedule a key handover with your landlord or property manager.
  • Present the cleaned property and any required documentation, such as receipts or photos.
  • Collect your rental deposit, assuming all cleaning requirements have been met.

Additional Moving Out Cleaning Tips

Moving Out Cleaning Tips
Moving Out Cleaning Tips

To ensure a smooth moving out cleaning process, consider these additional tips:

Declutter Before Cleaning

  • Sort through your belongings and discard or donate items you no longer need.
  • Decluttering will make the packing and cleaning process more manageable and efficient.

Communicate with Your Landlord

  • Keep your landlord informed about your moving out plans, including the scheduled cleaning date.
  • Address any specific cleaning requirements or expectations with your landlord to avoid misunderstandings.

Consider a Pre-Cleaning Inspection

  • Conduct a pre-cleaning inspection of the property to identify areas
  • Conduct a pre-cleaning inspection of the property to identify areas that may require special attention or additional cleaning efforts.
  • Communicate your findings with the cleaning service to ensure all necessary tasks are completed.

Allocate Time for Touch-Ups

  • Schedule some extra time after the cleaning service has finished for any last-minute touch-ups or fixes.
  • This will ensure that the property is in its best condition before the final walk-through and key handover.

Create a Cleaning Checklist

  • Prepare a detailed cleaning checklist for the moving out cleaning, including tasks such as cleaning the oven, wiping down cabinets, and steam cleaning carpets.
  • Provide the checklist to the cleaning service to ensure that all tasks are completed to your satisfaction.


Scheduling your moving out cleaning in Singapore requires careful planning and consideration of various factors such as your tenancy agreement, the availability of professional cleaning services, and your moving schedule. By following this comprehensive guide and timeline suggestions, you can ensure a smooth and efficient moving out cleaning process, helping you secure your rental deposit and leave the property in pristine condition.

Remember to communicate with your landlord and cleaning service, and allocate time for touch-ups to guarantee a successful moving out experience. If you need professional moving-out cleaning services, you can contact us here.

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