Where To Start During House Spring Cleaning?

Wondering where to start during house spring cleaning? Spring cleaning entails heavy and detailed cleaning that leaves your house refreshed and beautiful. Springs cleaning being sophisticated makes most people lack the morale to kick start the process.

Not everyone has the right tips on where to start. This whole process requires cleaning every single spot in your house without leaving any table unturned.

It gets easier to perform overall spring cleaning when you understand what and where to start scrubbing, cleaning, or dusting the house. Here are the essential tips on where to first start during house spring cleaning.

Cleaning floors, walls, and ceilings

Where To Start During House Spring Cleaning?

Walls are prone to touch by residents in a house, and with time, dirt and dust accumulate. Floors are mostly stepped on and are likely to dirty footsteps and spills from drinks and foods. When abandoned for long, ceilings collect dust, dirt, and cobwebs accumulation.

Such areas call for cleaning during spring cleaning. The most crucial step to note is that cleaning starts from the top to bottom with the ceiling coming first. Cleaning ensures that dust and dirt go to the floor, the last part to clean after dusting the walls and all furniture.

Cleaning the kitchen

Oil, food, and dirt can build up in your kitchen. The kitchen plays the most critical part of a home as food preparation and cooking takes place there. When food gets contaminated with dirt, the family will fall sick.

It is, therefore, necessary to keep your kitchen clean to prevent contagious diseases from spreading. Spring cleaning in the kitchen ranges from cleaning the cabinet, pantry, kitchen counters, and utensils. Cleaning your kitchen ensures a healthy cooking environment and clean food.

Cleaning the living room

Where To Start During House Spring Cleaning?

Spills of foods and drinks happen from time to time in your living room. Dust and dirt also settle in, accumulates, and collects on your sofa sets and furniture. Finding your home in such condition alerts you that it’s time for spring cleaning which starts from vacuum cleaning all the upholstery, carpets, sofas, and lampshades.

It’s also important to dust and polish the household equipment from furniture while washing and wiping clean all frames and decorative items.

Cleaning the bathroom

The bathtubs collect dirt from leftover bath salts and soaps which require unclogging for proper drains.

The bathtub also requires cleaning and disinfecting. Replacing shower curtains plays an integral part as shower curtains collect scum from soap and mildew. Dusting and washing your mirrors and bathmats is essential to ensure no dust and dirt collect in your bathroom.

Cleaning the bedroom

Apart from washing our bedsheet, the mattress and pillows require cleaning too. Some of the house spring cleaning tips in the bedroom start from, soaking all the bedding, pillows, mattress, and any decorative item in the bedroom.

Lastly, dust that collects under the bed requires mopping to get rid of it.

Door handles, doorknobs and light switches

As the most-touched surfaces, door handles, doorknobs, and light switches collect dirt, dust, and oil traces from fingertips and hands.

It’s, therefore, necessary to clean these areas during spring cleaning. Cleaning these areas and disinfecting door handles, doorknobs, and light switches help get rid of dust and dirt.

Cleaning house appliances

Where To Start During House Spring Cleaning?

House appliances help in making work more comfortable. They include refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, ovens, and microwaves, among others. The fridge stores food supplies and requires cleaning from washing above, under, behind, and inside the refrigerator.

The washing machine plays a significant role in laundry washing; it’s also essential to clean it for high-performance and efficiency. The vacuum cleaner does a substantial task of dusting and cleaning carpets and sofas.

While doing all this, it collects and accumulates dirt and dust that require cleaning to ensure its efficiency. Cleaning house appliances play a significant role in providing such machines works effectively, efficiently, and lasts longer.

Cleaning the windows

Where To Start During House Spring Cleaning?

Dust and dirt collect and settle on the windows and window curtains. Window curtains when dirty and dusty require replacing with clean ones while the dirty ones cleaned and dried in the washing machines.

While washing your windows, you start from the top, washing and wiping your windows clean. You wipe both the inside and outside of your window panes. Steam cleaners clean your window panes the best.

Where To Start During House Spring Cleaning? – Summary

Spring cleaning has a lot of benefits from providing a clean living environment to ensuring a healthier lifestyle. At times, it’s hard to balance between your jobs and house spring cleaning.

A spring cleaning checklist comes in handy in ensuring you leave nothing untouched when cleaning. When this is too much, hiring professional house spring cleaning services ensures maximum spring cleaning at the most affordable price.

Do not miss out on a clean environment, follow the tips above.

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