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6 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your HDB

Spring is one of the best seasons to clean your HDB apartment. Keeping your place clean will go a long way in enhancing indoor air quality and protect you from various health complications that can arise from consumption of contaminated foods. Here are some 6 top rated spring cleaning tips that you can use to restore your HDB beauty and elegance.

6 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your HDB

1# Prepare To-do-List

This basically refers to jotting down all the cleaning procedures that you intend to do over the next one month or less depending on the magnitude of the issue at hand. It is impossible to try to cover all areas at once within one or two days and still attend to your other daily activities. Based on these facts, plan to carry out two or three procedures per day to avoid getting overwhelmed.

2# Get Help

To save time, it is recommendable to request a few colleagues, family members or even friends to help you out especially if you intend to clean during the weekends. If you decide to travel down this road, inform them in advance to avoid any inconveniences and delays.

3# Maintain high safety standards

When cleaning your HDB, you should strive to maintain high safety standards to avert injuries and unforeseen expenses. For example, invest in safety cleaning equipments and attire such as aprons, boots and gloves. Ensure that use proper lifting technique to keep your back straight and avert back pains. While you are there, consider using a sturdy ladder when accessing top surfaces instead of stepping on tables and chairs. Before you get down to work, ensure that all your helpers understand the need to maintain high safety standards.

4# Declutter

Decluttering your house will help access the entire floors and surfaces that had been covered by items that you no longer use. You should dispose such items or store them in bags to prevent congestion. This will also help you keep away pests such as cockroaches that love hiding and breed in dark and dusty areas. You can even make some extra money by selling some of the items online or in an auction.

5# Recycle

Environment is the main source of natural resources and so we cannot afford to degrade it. Haphazard disposal of waste into the environment will definitely lead to soil and water pollution. To avoid such problems, consider recycling some of the stuff such as plastic containers, faulty electronics and metallic appliances. You don’t need to recycle them personally; there are a number of companies which have invested in modern equipments and systems that enables them to make new products from waste. In fact, most items that are made from recycled materials such as plastics are usually more durable, affordable and efficient than the brand new items. To save time that would have been spent sorting waste, invest in a number of dustbins for waste storage purposes.

6# Use Organic Cleaning Reagents

There are hundreds if not thousands of cleaning reagents that you can use to clean rooms and accessories. However, some of them are formulated using toxic compounds that are not only capable of causing environmental pollution but also harmful to both humans and pets. Luckily, the manufacturers have discovered a new way of producing organic cleaning reagents that are formulated from bio-degradable plant oils that are friendly to the environment. By using such reagents, you will not only keep you HDB clean but also promote environmental wellness initiatives. Additionally, you can save money by preparing your own reagents using locally available resources such as lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda and warm water.

Additional Tips

Advancement in technology has led to development of new cleaning equipments that are more reliable and efficient than past models. For example, modern vacuum cleaners have immense suction power which enables them to pick up even the smallest dust particles and pet hair from carpets and sofas in seconds. Investing in such appliances will make the cleaning process easy and effective.

When using safe synthetic cleaning reagents, it is recommendable to first check their effects on the material as some can cause discoloration. More importantly, adhere to the instruction provided by the manufacturer to get the best results.

Keep your apartment sparkling clean this spring by applying these tested and approved cleaning tips.

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We Are Specialist in Part Time Maid, Spring Cleaning,
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