End Of Lease Cleaning – Is It A Must?

End Of Lease Cleaning – Is It A Must? If you are residing in a rented house there are certain rules and regulations you need to follow. According to the end of lease agreement, you are obliged to return the house in its original condition (that is taking away all the stuff that belongs to you and clean up all the mess) before your lease runs out. If you are residing in Singapore you must know how important it is to follow these rules strictly.

Well, moving out from a leased house can be such a headache! Starting from packing your entire household belongs to cleaning up the house completely before the end of the tenancy; there is so much work to do. The entire work needs to be done before the tenancy period is over. Here cleaning does not only means cleaning objects but also if you have done any damage to the property such as if the walls get dirty or a tap is broken, you won’t get the 100% bond money back. Therefore each and every corner of the property needs to be cleaned and mended before you leave.

End Of Lease Cleaning – Is It A Must?


As you can see there is a lot of work involved when you plan to shift from your rented house, without professional help, it’s nearly impossible to rent the property in its exact original condition. A professional end of lease cleaning service helps tenants to get through cleaning is done without leaving back any mess or dirt behind. In case you have done any damage to the property, the cleaning service can also mend those damaged areas of that property. Of course, this incurs special charges.

When the end of lease cleaning is done through professionals every corner of the property is inspected. They know it very well how to scrub each and every stain and get the property back to its original condition by following a complete end of lease cleaning checklist. In Singapore, each property cleaning services have their own sets of inclusions & exclusions. If you are planning to hire professionals for getting your job done, make sure you know about the bond of the cleaning service before signing the contract.

What all areas do professionals cover?


Most companies in Singapore claim to include the following service in the checklist:

  • Thorough window cleaning, ceiling fans cleaning, Use high-end vacuums to clean con webs, insects, small nests from the walls and corners, clean spots and dirt from walls, clean up light fittings, light switches, check for any damage of switches or other electrical issues. Cleaning up floors and carpets through high power vacuum cleaners, removing greases from sliding doors and windows, cleaning drawers and cupboards.
  • Thorough cleaning of kitchen area which includes deep cleaning of cupboards, drawers and shelves, Sanitize the drain holes and sinks, vacuuming dust from exhaust fans, cleaning dirt and dust from inside and behind of microwaves, refrigerator, dishwasher space, ovens etc. deep cleaning of stubborn stains on kitchen walls, stove tops, knobs and rings.
  • Thorough cleaning of bathroom area including removing soap residues, cleaning windows, walls, taps, mirrors filters, washing machine etc and deep floor cleaning.

Note that cleaning services do clean all the dirt and dust that are visible under naked eyes. But they have certain limitations. For example, if your wall gets damaged due to plumbing leakage, then they are not going to mend that for you. Also, cleaners don’t clean dangerous areas such as cracked or broken power points or switches since they do not have high-end protection.

What are the benefits of hiring end of lease cleaning services?


Hiring a professional end of lease cleaning in Singapore means you are blessed with the following sets of benefits:

  • A lot of your time gets saved which you could invest in other priority works.
  • There will be no headache of cleaning and mending the house since everything will be conducted by the professionals.
  • The professionals use high power vacuum cleaners and equipment that are meant for specific cleaning. Therefore deep cleaning is ensured.
  • The property will get back to its original condition without you putting a single effort or time.

So what are you waiting for? Get your leased property cleaned efficiently through professionals.

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