Should I Hire Spring Cleaning Service For My Office?

For countries in Europe, North America, and Northern parts of some countries in Asia such as China and Japan, the coming of spring is a much welcome change. With spring comes the long awaited warm sun and weather that allows one to do the much needed cleaning of the office that was not possible during the wet and cold winter months. Since Spring-cleaning is one of the most comprehensive of cleaning that you can do, many people prefer to hire professional cleaning services to do it. However, since we in Singapore do not have spring, winter, summer, or autumn, we could enjoy the joys of Spring-cleaning at any time. We can get out offices spic and span at any time of the year just by picking up the phone and calling in the experts.

Overview of Spring Cleaning Services

As previously said, spring cleaning is the thorough cleaning of an office that is aimed at giving it that fresh look, feel and smell. Unlike the normal in-office cleaning, which typically just dusts the surfaces and mops floors spring-cleaning does more.

Apart from the normal washing of surfaces and common areas, this type of cleaning will usually go through the entire office spaces finding stationery, tables, old mops, coffee mugs, and other miscellaneous items that may be broken or are no longer in use and getting rid of them. Depending on the size of the office and the access given to the cleaning services, spring cleaning may include throwing out of documents, electronics and appliances no longer in use or are broken.

Office spring cleaning services in Singapore are typically provided by house and office cleaning firms that typically have specialist employees do the work. Given that there are so many cleaning services offering office-cleaning services in Singapore, how can you be sure of the quality of services on offer? Is it better to just let in-house cleaners do it? Well, the advantage of hiring office cleaning services rather than have in house cleaners do the job is that; these are professionals. By hiring office cleaners, the office will be a much cleaner, organized, and hygienic place for employees than if you were to hire non-professionals or do it yourself.

Benefits of Hiring Office Cleaning Services
1. Professional Service

Unlike cleaners that may be hired for the day, office-cleaning services provide top quality professional services as they have a name and reputation to protect. Spring office cleaning provides value for money as they sign a contract that sets out expectations and deliverables. Besides, since professional services are usually big companies, they can afford to provide extra services such as giving your windows or carpets a fresh scent or waxing your floors. This is unlike hiring non professionals that would likely not have the professional courtesy or the finances to offer extras and will do the minimum possible, meaning that quality will suffer.

2. Thorough Cleaning

For cleaning that goes deeper, there is no one that does it better than professional cleaning services. These services provide more than the typical scrub and mop that can be expected from in-house staff or non professionals. Spring cleaners will go into all the nooks and crannies of the office cleaning out the dust and grime from all kinds of places. Since they are experienced in this type of work, having modern equipment and knowledge of the most effective cleaning techniques, they will remove almost 99% of dirt from the surfaces and hidden spaces in the office.

3. Customized Plans

There are as many varied spring cleaning plans as there are office spring-cleaning service companies in Singapore. Moreover, each company will have its own cleaning packages in addition to allowing you to have them design you a customized plan. This is a very big plus, since it caters for an office with a big budget or a small budget. Having access to customized plans would also be useful if you require the cleaning of only parts of the office or section by section cleaning. Most cleaning companies would be flexible and agree to do the cleaning according to your requirements.

4. Save Time

Performing thorough cleaning of an office can be a time consuming and exhausting task. In-house cleaners may have to deal with lifting and moving of heavy office desks and equipment, which may take a lot of time. Besides, if you have in-house cleaners do it, they may have to do it during office hours, which will disrupt daily activities losing the business valuable time. However, professional cleaners will not only be faster as they are experienced, but could come in after hours ensuring that you do not waste any office hours during the cleaning. 

5. Insured and Bonded Employees

One of the biggest pitfalls of performing major cleaning in the office is that there is always the possibility of breaking or destroying valuable equipment or furniture. Having inexperienced persons work in the nooks and crannies of the office without specialized equipment and experience makes the likelihood of loss very high. However, professional cleaning services employees are usually insured and bonded, such that in case of any destruction of property, the client is compensated. Moreover, the company will always train its employees to ensure minimal damage to property during the job.

Spring Cleaning Service Tips

While hiring professional office cleaning services will usually take care of all your spring cleaning needs, you can maximize the effectiveness of the service by doing the following.

1. Shop around 

There are so many cleaning services in Singapore and hence it is not advisable to hire the first company you come across. Request the different companies to provide quotes so that you can compare. Nonetheless, while price is an important factor, reputation and experience should also come into the reckoning when making the final hiring decision. 

2. Request a list of deliverables 

A reputable company will agree to provide a checklist of all areas that will be cleaned. Some rogue companies will do a haphazard job and use air freshener to disguise it. As such, you need to do an inventory of the places cleaned before you pay your office cleaner.

3. Pre-Clean 

While most cleaning services will perform auxiliary services such as de-cluttering the office and arranging your stationery and furniture as part of the cleaning, it is better to do this yourself not only to reduce costs, but also to allow the cleaners to do a more thorough job.

4. Request an estimate 

Ask cleaning service provider to give you a price estimate beforehand so that you can find another service or negotiate if you are not happy with the quote. If possible, ask them to come over and make an in office estimate, as it may be hard for them to give an accurate estimate over the phone.

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