Top 6 House Cleaning Services & Part-time Helpers in Singapore

Finding reliable housekeeping services or part-time helpers in Singapore is essential for maintaining a spotless and comfortable home environment. But with numerous service providers offering a variety of services and pricing, how do you choose the best option for your specific needs?

When choosing a cleaning service, you will notice that each provider brings unique offerings—from comprehensive cleaning packages to specialised services tailored to different household requirements. Whether you’re looking for a one-time deep clean to spruce up your space or regular assistance to maintain cleanliness, this guide aims to simplify your decision-making process. 

Consider these six options to find the best fit that meets your home maintenance needs:

1. DW Part-time Helper

Main service: Part-time cleaners and part-time maid services

As the demand for household assistance grows, having a dependable part-time helper for one-time or weekly cleaning tasks has become essential for many families. DW Part-time Helper Singapore addresses this need by connecting clients with skilled part-time helpers, maids, or cleaners adept at various house cleaning tasks. Their dedicated team ensures quality service delivery, prioritizing customer satisfaction at every step. Whether it’s routine cleaning or specific chores, DW Part-time Helper Singapore strives to meet diverse household needs with professionalism and reliability.

Price range: Offers house cleaning services priced hourly, varying based on the cleaning frequency. For detailed quotes on other services, you will have to request a free quotation directly from them.

2. Amahs On Wheels

Main service: Part-time cleaners for homes and offices

Amahs On Wheels offers customisable house cleaning packages tailored to accommodate various home sizes, ensuring affordability and flexibility. Their spring cleaning services are particularly comprehensive, featuring a dedicated supervisor onsite and a thorough walk-through assessment before and after each service. They provide all necessary cleaning supplies, including specialty chemicals for effective stain removal. Plus, their experienced team, fully vaccinated and ranging from 2 to 5 workers depending on the job size, delivers consistent quality. 

Price range: For precise pricing details and specific cleaning requirements, contact Amahs On Wheels for a personalised quote. Note that their house cleaning contracts typically start with a minimum 3-month commitment, ensuring ongoing service reliability.

3. HelperGo

Main service: Part-time cleaners and part-time babysitters

HelperGo offers a convenient solution for those seeking part-time cleaners and babysitters in Singapore. Their platform enables quick booking, allowing users to confirm a helper in just minutes. Apart from standard home cleaning tasks like mopping and sweeping, HelperGo provides additional services such as deep cleaning and special-starred helpers, albeit with additional charges. This flexibility caters to varied household needs, whether it’s routine cleaning or specific tasks like cooking. They also extend their services to elder care, babysitting, and other specialized caregiving tasks to meet diverse family requirements.

Price range: For specific pricing details regarding their house cleaning services, which are charged on an hourly basis, depending on frequency, customers are advised to contact HelperGo directly. Note that there is also a one-time charge for mop and bucket sets and cleaning supplies for their home services.


Main service: Cleaning services

KMAC provides professional home cleaning services led by full-time, hotel-trained housekeepers. They prioritize cleanliness and hygiene with eco-friendly products and cutting-edge tools. In addition, their extensive offerings cater to diverse needs, including aircon servicing, disinfection services, mattress cleaning, and specialized treatments such as sofa upholstery and curtain steam cleaning. Recognizing the uniqueness of each space, KMAC also tailors their services to create bespoke cleaning plans that align with clients’ schedules, budgets, and preferences. 

Price range: Prices for their services start from S$200 and can go up to S$1110, varying depending on the scope and frequency of cleaning required.

5. Sendhelper

Main service: Cleaning and handyman services 

Sendhelper, powered by PropertyGuru, offers a wide range of home services in Singapore through partnerships with verified service providers. Their services include general cleaning, pest control, laundry, handyman tasks, plumbing, moving and packing, air conditioning servicing, and more, which can be booked easily via their user-friendly app. 

When it comes to their home cleaning services specifically, they cover essential tasks such as general tidying such as dusting and wiping surfaces, emptying bins, ironing, and cleaning bathrooms, amongst others. Additional services, such as changing bed linens, can be requested for an additional cost.

Price range: Varies based on the frequency (one-time, weekly, or bi-weekly) and specific additional services such as ironing. For accurate pricing, customers can consult Sendhelper’s app or website for detailed quotations tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

6. Absolute Cleaning

Main service: Comprehensive cleaning solutions tailored to residential and commercial spaces in Singapore

Absolute Cleaning provides a variety of specialised services to meet diverse cleaning needs in Singapore. Their part-time cleaner service is highly favoured by busy residents seeking regular household upkeep without the time commitment. With a team of professional maids who are trained extensively to ensure thorough cleaning of bedrooms, kitchens, and other areas, you’re sure to maintain pristine homes. Their spring cleaning services also leverage advanced equipment to ensure comprehensive cleaning to improve indoor air quality. Beyond that, they also offer carpet cleaning services to effectively remove contaminants such as pet dander and pollen to preserve carpet quality and aircon cleaning services. Additionally, their laundry dry cleaning service offers convenience while preserving garment quality with safe cleaning practices. 

Some of the additional benefits of working with Absolute Cleaning include: 

  • Comprehensive cleaning services: From residential to commercial, including specialised tasks like post-renovation and event cleanup, part-time maid, and additional services like laundry and aircon.
  • Quality and reliability: High standards, dependable staff, and consistent customer satisfaction.
  • Eco-friendly options: Appeal to eco-conscious consumers with sustainable practices.
  • Trained staff: Security and competence ensured through thorough vetting and training.
  • Flexible scheduling: Tailored service packages accommodating Singapore’s busy lifestyles.
  • Competitive pricing: Transparent rates without compromising quality.
  • Excellent customer service: Easy booking, responsive support, and satisfaction guarantee.
  • Local expertise: In-depth knowledge of local markets and regulations for a competitive edge.

Price range: Price range varies depending on the service engaged. For specific rates, please refer to our website.

Discover Your Ideal Cleaning Solution

Finding reliable maid services near you or affordable house cleaning services in Singapore can be effortless with the various comprehensive offerings available. Whether you’re looking for a part-time helper at competitive rates or seeking quality and affordability, our range of services at Absolute Cleaning caters to every need. Check out our detailed service options and pricing to find the perfect fit for your home maintenance needs.

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