What is A Good House Cleaning Routine?

What is A Good House Cleaning Routine? Getting into a good house cleaning routine is essential, and going through every room weekly, will keep most houses dust free and sparkling clean. Depending on the size of your house this will take a certain amount of time.

A two-bedroom flat will take about one and a half hours a week, and a three-bedroom house about two and a half hours a week.

Buying Your Products

Go to the supermarket and get a good range of products you will need.

  • Spray and wipe
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Shower and bath cleaner.
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Disinfectant
  • Carpet Cleaner, if you have carpets
  • Some nice smelling furniture polish
  • Dusting Cloths and Sponges
  • Vacuum Cleaner and a Mop
  • Disinfectant
  • Dusters

Establishing a Good Cleaning Routine

What is A Good House Cleaning Routine?

Make a list of what you want to achieve each week and set the time aside to get it done. You may need to employ a part-time cleaner or helper maid to get you into a good routine as if you have never done cleaning before it can be a bit daunting.

  • Banish the dust first, race around the house with a duster cleaning all surfaces.
  • Then vacuum, paying particular attention to corners of the rooms
  • Clean the television with recommended cleaner for TV.
  • Go around the house with your glass spray cleaning all mirrors and glass.
  • Then tackle the kitchen, take everything off benchtops and thoroughly clean with spray, and wipe
  • Pay particular attention to the sink, stainless steel should really gleam when cleaned properly
  • When the kitchen is finished wash the floor with a floor cleaner
  • Follow up rinsing with cold water containing a small amount of disinfectant.
  • Move to the bathroom and thoroughly clean the shower bath and toilet
  • Clean all glass in the bathroom with glass cleaner
  • Toilet with toilet cleaner, wear rubber gloves and maintain good infection control by using a separate sponge just for toilet cleaning.
  • Wash the bathroom floor with disinfectant and leave to dry.
  • Go around your house with the furniture polish and apply it to wooden furniture and rub it in, a beeswax polish always smells really clean.
  • Go through your house and check your work.
  • Finish off by cleaning the laundry and the laundry tub

Cleaning Routines that don’t need doing every Week

What is A Good House Cleaning Routine?

Some things will not require weekly cleaning, and they are.

  • Window Cleaning, do when necessary, 3 or 4 times a year.
  • Cupboard Cleaning twice a year.
  • Cleaning out the fridge and throwing old food away, once a month.
  • Going through your wardrobe and recycling clothing twice a year
  • Pantry cupboards, getting rid of outdated products twice a year.
  • Carpet cleaning if you have children and pets four times a year minimum.
  • Spider webs and cobwebs in rooms, get a special brush to sweep up into corners near ceiling.
  • Light fittings, take down every month and wash or clean thoroughly.
  • Curtains, cleaned or washed twice a year, best sent to the laundry.
  • Couches and upholstery vacuum and wash every month, remove cushions and check for food particles.
  • Children’s bedrooms, go through the cupboards and move anything redundant every month when they are at school, otherwise, they will just bring it in again.
  • Any outside buildings like garage and shed can be done annually as these are not so important, but they should be turned out and any old stuff was thrown away or removed to the rubbish tip.
  • Clean out storage space annually to allow more room.
  • Check for maintenance, is anything broken, if it is make a plan to get it fixed or to throw it out.
  • Make contact with a handyman who can do these extra things to help you.
  • Any faulty electrical appliances should be thrown away immediately as they are dangerous.

Sometimes all this cleaning and sorting can be quite repetitive and there will be times when you may need some help to keep your home in order.

Keeping everything clean and neat makes your life so much easier and the household running smoothly for everyone.

What is A Good House Cleaning Routine? – Conclusion

What is A Good House Cleaning Routine?

Your house will look and smell amazing if you just stick to your simple house cleaning routine, and save the complex cleaning for less often when you can get someone to help you to do the hard things.

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