Where Can I Find Hourly Part Time Maid?

Cleaning is a mandatory task in your home. It is really challenging task and a nightmare especially if your home if large and you are doing it alone. Sometimes a helping hand is definitely needed in order to maintain that pleasing and appealing environment within your home. Imagine spending all your time cleaning and arranging your house? This why some people turn to hourly, part time maids. 

The idea of hiring part-time hourly maids is widely dissipated by many of us. But just imagine going to you home and start picking up your scrub after day long work? Probably you should spend this time with your family and let the professionals help you. The stereotype that these services are too high to afford or they are probably out our reach can keep you from enjoying the benefits of hourly or part-time maids which includes the following

Benefits of part-time maids

– They are more effective as compared to full timers. This is due their desire to deliver quality so that they are guaranteed of next time job. 

– No worries of stolen or lost goods since they do not stay in your home. But it is always to hire part-time workers from reputable companies.

– Their services are pain on hourly basis making them cheaper. Do you know that paying maid on hourly basis saves you more money as compared to full time maids who are paid on monthly basis?

– They offers you wide variety of services as opposed to full timers who may get used to daily routine thus ignoring some duties.

– Charges are straight forward. The most used criteria for calculating the amount you are supposed to pay is based on the amount of time spend working. This results to a straight forward and easy to calculate charges.

– You are guaranteed of professional services like carpet cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning. This saves you the hustle of having to take your laundry to dry cleaners.

– Most companies have their professional working equipment. This saves you the problem of having to buy your own cleaning stuff.

If you are living in countries like Singapore, you should be aware that this idea is slowly spreading. And if not for anything else, you should try part time maids due to their professionalism. Just liked all other professions, these guys have excellent skills due to their years of training and experience. Some of them are taken through seminars and trained on how to deliver quality services for sake of their company’s reputation. 

Why part-time maid over full time maid?

It is quite obvious that part-time maids do not stay in your home as opposed to full-time maids. This will keep you out of most common disputes between you and your maid. I think you have heard about cases where dissipates between these two had led to death or serious injuries. A dishonest maid can steal your valuables like money and jewellery while you are at work or cause some injuries to themselves. Before you get to this, take precaution and let the professionals help you.

Part-time maids are meant to help you in performing the jobs you are supposed to do in your house. Services that you can get from part-time maid include the following though sometimes you can customize them.

– Cleaning your doors and windows

– Cleaning grills and gates

– Vacuuming and mopping the floors

– Cleaning all glass surfaces including sliding doors and mirrors

– For cabinets both interior and exterior 

– Cleaning the entire kitchen area which includes walls if tiled, cooking stoves, and the exterior of all electrical appliances.

– Cleaning and arranging your balcony if you have any

– Your bathrooms which includes fittings, basin, tile walls, floor and toilet bowls.

– Dusting general furniture within the house which includes even your bedroom

– Other services that you can enjoy are emptying the trash and ironing

To get a part time maid in Singapore is not a hard task. You should contact a part time maid agency which is responsible for its workers in terms of work permit, insurance, bonds and regular medical checkups. Some people prefer to have their services done by same maid once they have found the right person for their house. This helps you to build trust and a peace of mind as you are always certain that your house is in the right hands.

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