4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Office Carpet Clean

A carpet is a great addition to any office. It helps soften up even the harshest flooring, which in turn helps to make your office more comfortable. Most of us in Singapore tend to spend at least seven or more hours at the office.Considering the fact that most offices have more than one employee, the traffic can play havoc with your office carpets. If you are not careful, you will soon find yourself dealing with dust mites and mountains of trash on your carpet, which can make your working environment very uncomfortable in no time.You should do your part in ensuring that you do some carpet cleaning. It helps though, if you can institute some preventive measures to keep your carpet clean on a daily basis. In the end, doing so will save you money that you would otherwise have spent not just cleaning your office carpet but also replacing it very regularly.


1. Let Area Rugs Be Your Friend
Have you acquainted yourself with area rugs? What are you waiting for? Area rugs are your friends, especially when you want to keep your carpet very clean.

One of the best places on which to place your area rugs is at major entrances in your office. Area rugs on external entrance areas can act as a buffer zone as far as dirt is concerned. People will leave most of the dirt and mud or even water that they carried from outside on those area rugs. This will reduce the likelihood of them making your office carpet dirty, since most of the dirt will already have been wiped off.

You should also consider putting area rugs in high traffic areas of your office. Sections such as the foyer and the hallways tend to be dirtier because of the huge traffic passing through those office areas on a daily basis. When area rugs are put there, you will be able to minimize the damage, which in turn helps keep those carpet areas cleaner.

Area rugs should be heavy duty and easy to clean. You can have extra ones, which can be used to replace the old ones to allow for regular cleaning without compromising the cleanliness of the carpet.

2. Keep Dirt Away from Carpet Surfaces
The food and drinks that people within offices take on a daily basis are the biggest contributors to dirty carpets. You may want to consider designating specific office spaces for eating. All the carpeted areas whenever possible should be designated as no-eating and no-drinking zones. While you may not enjoy 100% success rate with such a policy, you will help discourage food and drink spills that make carpets in offices so dirty.

You can also keep dirt from carpets by providing dustbins on all office spaces. This will ensure that people keep the trash confined to those containers, which in turn reduces the dirt that lands on your carpets.

3. Regular Surface Cleaning Helps
Always try to ensure that dirt does not settle deep into your carpet. Do spot cleaning whenever necessary. When employees drag mud into the carpet, have it cleaned immediately. When food or drinks are spilled accidentally, a little spot cleaning goes a long way. Chemicals for carpet cleaning come in handy for that.

Weekly cleaning of carpet surfaces, which should include sweeping and vacuuming will ensure that you get most of the dirt before it settles deep into the carpet fibres. When you take time to remove dirt and trash from all the corners and underneath the office furniture, then you reduce the likelihood of plenty of dirt and grime accumulating on your carpet in the long term.

4. Get A Commercial Cleaner For Regular Deep Cleaning
Despite all your best efforts to keep your carpets in the office clean, you will not succeed in doing so 100%. You therefore need to consider regular deep cleaning. This is best done with the help of commercial carpet cleaners. Since Singapore has a number of these, that should not be a problem.

Commercial carpet cleaners have superior equipment as well as knowledgeable professionals. They know the best ways to get rid of dirt that is embedded deeply within the fibres of your carpets. They can therefore ensure that your carpet has no accumulated dirt or grime within its fibres by the time the cleaning is done. Regular deep cleaning of your office carpet will ensure that it is truly clean, which in turn extends its lifespan.

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